This summer was filled with many great experiences. I had the chance to go to Niagara Falls in the beginning of August for softball purposes, which turned into one of the greatest experiences of my life so far. And while I was there I had the chance to witness in person the wonder and absolute greatness of Niagara Falls. It was incredible. The sheer amount of people that were there to have a glimpse of one of wonders of the world was amazing, and I was one of them. Also having the opportunity to do the boat cruise out on the water by the falls was so fun and just amazing. Being beside it and experiencing the magnitude of this natural wonder. Our world is amazing. And I can't wait (and I will) to explore more of it. 

A study in adventure

I love living in Nova Scotia, but would love to travel and explore other parts of Canada and even the world. But I think that aspiration sometimes clouds my view of the beauty and wonder of the beautiful place that I live in. This thought was brought on by a recent adventure of sorts, with friend and fellow photographer, Rachel Penney. Both of us, who lived in the HRM for 2 years for school, haven't really explored that much. Last Friday we went to check out Sir Sanford Fleming Park, and the Dingle Tower. It was a great day of exploring and photographing. One thing Rachel had said that day being, living in Nova Scotia we kind of take for granted the 'touristy' things that are all around us but haven't really experienced. So my goal now, is to be tourist in my own province and explore as many cool places as possible.